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Salisby Dalisby Journal Book Six, Salisby in a Taste of Space

Salisby had been living in the Vast Cavern World now for well over a century. He had experienced a taste of his Sanctiant heaven that all of the Sanctiant families talked and dreamed about. However, a large group of his daughters, granddaughters, sons, and grandsons had recently mysteriously disappeared. Now Salisby and his dear wife Nora were very worried about their whereabouts and what had happened to their missing family members. Salisby many decades earlier had made a scouting trip up to the the surface to discover that the dark villians had totally destroyed the surface of his giant rock he had been living in for a very long time. Because of the terrible radiation on the surface Salisby lost his Sanctiant body to the radiation problem on the darkened and destroyed Golden World that had once been there. This book will take the reader into the Sanctiant world of how the Sanctiants lived out their peaceful lives until they had been exposed once again to the dark villains that had been moving around in their flying machines staring up all kinds of trouble and problems for the peaceful kind Sanctiant families.

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