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Abuda's Riding Chariot Journal. ARC Journal

This Journal is from Salisby Dalisby alias Abuda Atta. This Journal Book goes back several millenniums of events very familiar to Abuda and this Earth. The book contains information about the intelligences and the fields they were living in for a long time. Also has stories of special events and experiences that Abuda had participated in after he had been moved to one of the main temple complexes that was a staging area prior to being put into a very different body form than what a Sanctiant Lighted Brother wanted to acquire. The Journal Book goes through many of the different assigned missions that had been given to Abuda to do as part of his Sanctiant testing period. Brothers that had been assigned to do important tasks with Abuda are named as follows: Michael, John, Moses, and Mike. All became very close friends with Abuda Atta and all enjoyed having the companionship of their Sanctiant lighted Brother Abuda Atta. The Journal Book has the story of Mother Earth and Father Sky. This Journal Book will provide the readers new information each time the book is read again. The Journal provides facts that had been recorded for Salisby by his vast home known as the Shenapai Universe. This big e-book is 573 pages of quality reading that will provide readers a good view of what Salisby Dalisby alias name of Abuda Atta, had done while he had been enlisted by the hierarchy.

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